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Welcome to the Boston Burglars’ Website.

The band first established their reputation performing at the Dublin Pub on Long Island. Since then they have continuously performed at wedding receptions, dances, pubs, nightclubs, country clubs, and concerts throughout the NY metropolitan area. The Burglars bring professionalism and experience to every appearance. Combining their Irish and American musical backgrounds, the band's play list covers many styles of American popular music; Rock, Standards, Country, Latin, and Disco, plus all the music found in Irish pubs and dancehalls. The group’s emphasis on vocal harmonies (all 4 musicians sing) and varied instrumentation (10 instruments) creates a continually dynamic musical performance. The Burglars' blend of party, dance and Irish music plus their years of experience guarantees a successful affair. 

"The music is frisky with an Irish lilt."
               -The New York Times

A special note to brides and grooms. What pleases you is most important to us. Our performance at your reception will be tailored expressly to your wishes. Why not have the best of both worlds? Partner the Burglars with a "Phase IV" DJ spinning the latest hits.

The Burglars also appear as a trio and duo in order to be just the right size for the occasion. If you wish to learn more please do not hesitate to email or call.

Listen to some select Burglar sounds
Call Me Al
Love Shack 
Oh What a Night
Muirtin Durkin
Black Velvet Band 
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